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Marine Operations Aberdeen
Marine Operations Aberdeen

Aberdeen Maritime Museum Visitors Hospitality Guide

The Maritime Museum is a range of buildings including a former church and Provost Ross' House, one of the oldest domestic buildings in the city.

The museum is situated on the historic Ship-row in the heart of the city of Aberdeen near the harbour, lots to look at on four floors, offering interesting information on living from the Sea in Aberdeen, from boat building to the discovery of oil.

The exhibits, artefacts,old photos. videos and audio are great at illustrating the many topics such as the importance of the fishing industry.

Particularly liked the sections that dealt with the formation of the Harbour and the shipbuilding and probably the best detailed offshore scale model drilling platform anywhere.

The Attractions area of the Aberdeen Maritime Museum is a great place to get a taste of what the museum has to offer. There is information on what is happening at the museum and what to do while you are there, as well as reviews and information on the museum's attractions.

The Aberdeen Maritime Museum tells the story of the city's long and often dramatic relationship with the sea, from the earliest days of trading, fishing, and shipbuilding, all the way up to the discovery of oil and gas in the North Sea, and Aberdeen's place today as a leader in the global energy transition. The museum is located on the historic Shiprow, which is close to the busy harbour.

This intriguing tale is told through the museum's rich and varied collections, which are shown over four floors in the contemporary museum building, which is totally accessible, as well as in the ancient Provost Ross's House, which dates back to the 16th century. The highlights include ship models ranging from 1689 to the present day, harpoons and scrimshaw used by whalers, rare specimens of mediaeval imported goods, a full lens assembly for a lighthouse, and the entire deck of a vintage steamer.

In the course of the 19th and 20th centuries, the city of Aberdeen was responsible for the construction of around 3,000 ships. The history of ships that were constructed in Aberdeen, such as the tea clipper "Thermopylae" and the "Jho Sho Maru," one of the first modern warships in the Japanese navy, is depicted through models, drawings, and pictures in the museum.
Since 2004, a devoted group of volunteers has been studying and recording the histories of the more than 3,000 recorded vessels that were built in Aberdeen. Their evidence comes from a variety of places, such as shipbuilders' yard lists, the Lloyd's Register of Shipping, and the recollections of locals who were involved with Aberdeen's shipyards.

  • Free admission
  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum Geolocation Latitude 57.1465° N Longitude -2.0948° W
  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum Postcode AB11 5BY
  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum Map
  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum Reviews
  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum Weather Forecast
  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum Discussion Forum
  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum Tracks & Routes

In the Museum you will find a little shop and toilets and a cafe on the ground floor with a wide menu, from snacks to full meals, parking nearby can be expensive. Don't forget to get the coupon for the reduced price NCP parking .

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Nostalgic Visit
 · 1 year ago
Your review
It had been a long time since I had visited the marine museum in Aberdeen, and it was a pleasant surprise.
I was pleasantly delighted by the high-quality exhibits on display, as well as the extremely helpful and polite staff on hand.
The history of Aberdeen Harbour was depicted and described in great depth over the course of the presentation.
Being a part of the Harbour team for a period of time was a fascinating learning experience for me.
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